Academic Translation Challenges

Academic Translation ChallengesOne of the issues that many translators face is that they translate academic documents and articles in the same manner as regular documents and articles. However, it must be understood that there is a huge difference between legal translations, daily office translations, and academic translations. First of all academic translations are of a different ball game and then thus they can be difficult to do unless you know the word patterns and writing patterns for scientific articles. You will need to use phrases such as “observed to be”, “found to be”, “determined to be” and you will also need to use conjunctive phrases and words such as “whereas”, “moreover”, “as seen from the equation”, “furthermore”, etc. You should try to refrain from using Also and instead use phrases like “In addition” in order to give it academic fluidity to those who read it.

Note that academic translations require special expertise and thus must be done by an expert. If you have English-Turkish academic translations and academic editing work, we can assist you in a professional manner.

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